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We are very sorry to report that Bill Danby, the creator of this website, passed away on 11th November 2020.

Realising that his health was failing, Bill had already made arrangements for this website to be handed over to Skelton History Group. We will honour his memory by taking his website into our care, so that the vast resource of information and photographs which he had assembled can remain available for future generations.

More details of Bill’s life can be found in this obituary

Page 1 Introduction, Acknowledgements, Links, and how to CONTACT.
Page 2 The Origins of the Battalion.
Page 2a The Annual Camp 1913.
Page 3a 1914. Start of the First World War. Home defence. Training.
Page 3b 1914. Start of the First World War. Home defence. Training.
Page 4 1915 April. The Ypres Salient. Battle of St Julien.
Page 5 1915 April. The Battle of St Julien.
Page 6 1915 April. Gas. The Battle of St Julien.
Page 7 1915 May. Battle of St Julien losses.
Page 8 1915 May. Out of the Line. The Division is renamed.
Page 9 1915 May. The Battle of Bellewaarde.
Page 10 1915 May/June. Bellewaarde – Losses.
Page 11 1915 June/July. In the Line Neuve Eglise, Kemmel Sector
Page 12 1915 August – To Armentieres.
Page 13 1915 Sep/Oct – Armentieres.
Page 14 1915 October – Armentieres.
Page 15 1915 Oct/Nov – Armentieres.
Page 16 1915 Nov/Dec Armentieres/Merris.
Page 17 1915 December. Back to the Ypres Salient.
Page 18 1915/6 Dec/Jan. Armagh Wood.
Page 19 1916 Jan/Feb. Armagh Wood – Hill 60.
Page 20 1916 Feb. Mine Explosion on Hill 60.
Page 21 1916 Feb. Hill 60. Armagh Wood.
Page 22 1916 March. Armagh Wood. CO Killed.
Page 23 1916 March/April. Kemmel.
Page 24 1916 April/May. Resting Fletre. Back to Kemmel.
Page 25 1916 June. Kemmel – Friendly Fire – To Camp.
Page 26 1916 June/July. Trenches at Kemmel.
Page 27 1916 July. Kemmel. Deaths at Home.
Page 28 1916 July/August. From Kemmel to the Somme.
Page 29 1916 Aug/Sep. Training. – Battle of Flers-Courcelettes.
Page 30 1916 September. Battle of Flers-Courcelettes – Martinpuich.
Page 31 1916 September. Flers Courcelettes. Thiepval Memorial.
Page 32 1916 September. Flers Courcelettes. Losses.
Page 33 1916 September. Flers Courcelettes. Attack repelled.
Page 34 1916 October. Training. Back to Martinpuich.
Page 35 1916 Oct/Nov. Flers Line.
Page 36 1916 November. The Front between Martinpuich and Flers.
Page 37 1916/7 Dec/Feb. Move to Left Flank of French Sector.
Page 38 1917 Feb/March. Front Line at Belloy.
Page 39 1917 April. To Arras.
Page 40 1917 April. Bravery at Arras – Capt D.P. Hirsch. VC.
Page 41 1917 April. The Arras Memorial.
Page 42 1917 April. The Arras Memorial.
Page 43 1917 April. Arras Burial Sites.
Page 44 1917 May. More Deaths. Move to Famechon training.
Page 45 1917 May. Famechon and Bayencourt.
Page 46 1917 June/July. In the line at Arras.
Page 47 1917 September. Front line at Wancourt, Guemappe, Arras.
Page 48 1917 October. Back to the Ypres Salient.
Page 49 1917 Nov/Dec. Last Days of Passchendaele.
Page 50 1917/8 Dec/Jan. Holding the Front at Ypres.
Page 51 1918 Feb/March. Last Farewell to Ypres.
Page 52 1918 March. The Battle of St Quentin.
Page 53 1918 March. German Offensive – Michael.
Page 54 1918 March. German advance – Pozieres Memorial.
Page 55 1918 March. Heavy losses on both sides.
Page 56 1918 Mar/April. From the River Somme to the River Lys.
Page 57 1918 April. German Offensive – Battle of Estaires.
Page 58 1918 April. Losses at Estaires – Ploegsteert Memorial.
Page 59 1918 April/May. From the River Lys to the River Aisne.
Page 60 1918 May. German Offensive Blucher-Yorck.
Page 61 1918 May. The 150th Brigade decimated.
Page 62 1918 May/June. The end of the 4th Yorks as a fighting Unit.
Page 63 1918 July/November. The last weeks of the War.
Page 64 Prisoners of War.
Page 65 Prisoners of War.
Page 66 Prisoners of War.
Page 66a After the War. The 4th Yorks Battn reborn.
Page 66b The 2/4th and 3/4th Yorks Reserve Battalions.
Page 69  All the men who went to France in 1915.
5thBn 1/5th Yorks Battalion War Diary.
PDiary Personal War Diary of Cpl Joe Howe. MM.
PDiary History of Sgt John Francis Atkinson. MM.
Photos More Photographs and Stories.
Orders Standing Orders, Instructions etc.
Letters Letters, Telegrams and Cards.
News Newspaper Reports.
Equipt Equipment. Medals.
Forms Army Forms used in the First World War.
E-mail E-mails about the website.


Page 67 Abdale to Beaver.
Page 68 Beaver to Bruce.
Page 69 Bruce to Clay.
Page 70 Cleaver to Dixon.
Page 71 Dixon to Fish.
Page 72 Fisher to Greenfield.
Page 73 Greensides to Hogg.
Page 74 Hogg to Johnson.
Page 75 Johnson to Longstaff.
Page 76 Lonsdale to Moorhouse.
Page 77 Mordew to Peterson.
Page 78 Pickersgill to Scott.
Page 79 Scott to Stuart.
Page 80 Styles to Waller.
Page 81 Waller to Wright.

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